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Welcome to Aolunte

Aolunte Machine Ltd Corpis Aluminum windows and doors, curtain wall and insulating glass processing equipment manufacturer. Companies focus on windows and doors curtain wall and insulating glass processing equipment design, development and manufacturing. Suit user needs to provide high quality high performance products.

公司创立伊始 Be first


Strictly follow the modern enterprise management mechanisms standardized operation, established its own R & D center and quality control center and marketing service center, in strict accordance with the IS09001 quality halo system implementation, to ensure product innovation, quality and stability among the forefront of the industry.


Industry has a highly qualified and experienced team. Either from the management, design personnel, or from the manufacturing, sales and service personnel have many years of industry experience, working for companies involved in a high starting point, high standard of work has laid a solid foundation.


Believe in “quality child first, users first” business philosophy, quality assurance at the same time, deepening exchanges with the user to listen to user suggestions, concerns the user needs. In product design, manufacturing has to user demand for the center, do the most suitable for users of products, established a customer-centric marketing service system.


We know that a good brand is not just a good product, but also need to give users excellent service, Ao Lent service personnel will be the fastest speed, best quality star, the best attitude to meet the needs of customers.

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